Oct 10

World Mental Health Day

KRTSCCBT Ltd is pleased to announce it is working in partnership with KRTS International to bring evidence-based trauma treatment to more people. The Power to Recover ® program can be found amongst CCBT Ltd’s other programs. This unique program is taken with specialist trauma coaching. Typically delivered in workplace settings, CCBT and KRTS are teaming up to enable access to anyone who may be experiencing difficulties following a traumatic event. The KRTS Power to Recover® early intervention programme is a 7 step system, made up of  a unique blend of online modules and specialist personal coaching, that takes people that have experienced a traumatic event from feeling overwhelmed, out of control and helpless to being empowered, informed and active in their recovery.

CCBT Ltd has teamed up with ProCounselling to provide an integrated digitally-enabled first class Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Using the employer bespoke Wellbeing page, ProCounselling and CCBT Ltd have integrated their offering to provide a range of effective interventions at the click of a button. https://www.pro-counselling.co.uk/video. ProCounselling + CCBT provides employees with flexibility, choice and control. For more information please email custserv@ccbtmail.com

CCBT Ltd is marking OCD Awareness week with 20% off its evidence-based computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Exposure-Response Prevention (ERP) program for OCD. We recommend the Gold option and being coached by an OCD trained therapist for the very best outcomes. For more information visit http://ccbtmain.cbtprogram.com/products/ocfighter/ and apply voucher code ‘OCDWEEK2017’.

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