Shade™ is an online CBT program for Depression and Substance Dependency

Shade™ is an interactive online program for substance use, alcohol use and depression. It has received acclaim for its ability to be used with a wide variety of patients over broad geographical areas, as well as for its outcomes and approach.

With 3 Randomised Control Trials (RCT), Shade™ has proven to be a very effective CBT program to beat addiction and depression.


Randomised Control Trials

  • Baker, AL; Kay-Lambkin, FJ; Kelly, B; Lewin TJ. (2011). Clinician-assisted computerised versus therapist-delivered treatment for depressive and addictive disorders: a randomised controlled trial. The Medical journal of Australia 195(3): S44-50 Read More
  • Baker, AL; Carr, V; Kay-Lambkin, FJ; Lewin TJ. (2009). Computer-based psychological treatment for comorbid depression and problematic alcohol and/or cannabis use: a randomized controlled trial of clinical efficacyAddiction 104(3):378-88 Read More
  • Baker, AL; Kay-Lambkin, FJ; Kelly, B; Lewin, TJ. (2012) It’s Worth a Try: The Treatment Experiences of Rural and Urban Participants in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Computerized Psychological Treatment for Comorbid Depression and Alcohol/Other Drug Use. Journal of Dual Diagnosis 8(4):262-276 Read More

For more RCTs, please click here.

10-Step Program

Shade™ is a 10-step program to teach you how to beat your addiction, overcome your depression and put a relapse management plan into place.

All the Benefits of CCBT

Shade™ is available 24/7, from any device with Internet connection. Work at your own pace, monitor your progress, and have the option of working with or without a therapist.

Multiple Studies

Shade™ not only has 3 RCTs, but a host of research and studies to prove it’s effectiveness.




  Printable Worksheets

Monitor Your Progress

Emails at the end of each step



Printable worksheets

Monitor your progress

Emails at the end of each session

Telephone support

60 Minutes of Coaching

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