Restore Your Sleep Cycle

Percent of people experience symptoms of insomnia or sleep disorders every week
Percent saw significant improvement in their insomnia after RESTore's 7-session program

Restore™ is an evidence-based online CBT program for sleep problems and insomnia (sometimes referred to as CBTi.) This program was developed by international sleep expert Dr. Norah Vincent and has been featured in the New York TimesTime Magazine, USNEWS and other news outlets such as AOL Health and MS Health. The program was studied in a large trial that was published in the field’s widely respected journal SLEEP. This trial demonstrated that RESTORE™ helps people sleep more, sleep better, have less depressive symptoms, be more productive at work and make fewer mistakes at work. It is an ideal supplemental program for mental health clinics, sleep centers, schools and employee wellness programs.


Randomised Control Trials

  • Lewycky, S and Vincent N. (2009). Logging on for better sleep: RCT of the effectiveness of online treatment for insomni., Sleep, 32(6):807-152009 Read More
  •  Holmqvist, M; Vincent, N; Walsh, K. (2014). Web- vs telehealth-based delivery of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia: A randomized controlled trial. Sleep Medicine, 15(2) Read More

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