MoodCalmer is an on-line, engaging, simple to navigate, self-help computerised cognitive behavioural therapy program for people experiencing low mood and depression.

Rooted in the NICE recommendations for the use of computerised CBT programs to help with depression (CG90 and CG91) coupled with the utilisation of proven evidence-based CBT, the MoodCalmer™ program engages the user in challenging negative thinking and behavioural activation. MoodCalmerTM uses proven CBT techniques and was created to meet clinician demand for a shorter depression program, with the intent to help depressed individuals who have low motivation or too little energy to complete a longer, more intense online program.

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Authentic case studies, cutting edge graphics, easy program navigation and integral self-monitoring, encourages the user to engage with and complete the program to enhance the prospects of positive clinical outcomes.

The program has been designed for use with minimum practitioner involvement but may be used as an augmentation to other interventions involving the management of low mood and depression that are delivered by a practitioner (GP, practice nurse, low intensity therapist, counsellor, therapist, nurse, occupational therapist etc).