Different Programs for Mental Health

Each uniquely tailored for your individual needs
Adult Anxiety, Panic and Phobia
Child and Teen Anxiety

FearFighter™ is an online program for anxiety, panic and phobia


BRAVE™ is a program designed for children and adolescents experiencing separation anxiety disorder and social phobia, specific phobia and generalized anxiety disorder.


MoodCalmer™ is an online self-help program targeted to treat low mood and depression.


Shade™ is a web based, interactive program for substance use, alcohol use, and depression. Shade™ has received acclaim for its ability to be used with a wide variety of people, over broad geographical areas and for its outcomes and approach.


OCFighter™ is an online program for the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD).


RESTore™ is the only web-based, interactive CBT program available to providers to use for sleep difficulties and insomnia. Validated in a RCT carried out in real world clinics and published in the field’s leading journal: SLEEP.


Health Lifestyles Program™ enables you to eat healthily, stop smoking and take control of bad health habits.


Each program can be purchased privately or through your health care provider

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