Nov 21

IAPT Patients benefit from digital health service integration between CCBT Online Therapy and PCMIS Patient Management System

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CCBT Ltd, a world leader in evidence-based online mental health care, is pleased to announce the integration of the CCBT Ltd online platform and PCMIS, a web-based patient Case Management Information System that is widely used in IAPT services.

This integration enables the secure transfer of IAPT services’ patient data between the two systems, thereby reducing the amount of time spent on manual administration and reducing the risk of human error.

IAPT services are mandated to collect data to monitor the progress of both their patients and the IAPT service. Previously, IAPT care pathway data, which includes clinical outcome measures and patient contact notes, were collected in CCBT Ltd and then entered into PCMIS, creating the potential for data entry error. Now all patient data received from CCBT Ltd is available for the clinician to automatically import into PCMIS. This includes both the IAPT minimum dataset (MDS) and clinical notes.

PCMIS Director Byron George said: “We are passionate about Digital Health integration and working together with partners to solve the challenges of efficient and effective mental healthcare. The integration of PCMIS Patient Management System and CCBT Ltd online therapies is an exceptional example of how services can benefit from joint innovation- providing greater patient choice, improving patient engagement and delivering a paper free integrated service, uniquely joining patient focussed healthcare with proven evidence based clinical tools.”

The integration will help IAPT services to reduce time-consuming administration processes, which will allow Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) to concentrate on providing effective clinical care.

Diane Lanigan, COO at CCBT Ltd, said: “We are excited to be able to say that we are now fully integrated with PCMIS, following our data sharing completion. Our mission is to deliver cognitive behavioural therapy to more people in need out there, who normally don’t have access to face-to-face therapies with PWPs. PCMIS and CCBT Ltd partnership will allow already limited NHS psychologist services to provide CBT to their patients, while monitoring them remotely and using the systems they are already familiar with.”


About CCBT Limited

CCBT Ltd is a world leader in delivering research-proven computerised cognitive behavioural therapy for people with anxiety disorders, depression, OCD, addiction, insomnia and sleep disorders. CCBT Ltd’s platform also includes programs for young people with anxiety and their parents, as well as a program promoting healthy living. Our technology is physician and patient centric and designed to run on all desktop and mobile devices. Users have direct access to secure services, such as messaging and calendars, enabling them to interact with clinicians and to help improve program compliance. The back office system is user-friendly and CCBT Ltd uses security and database encryption technologies that meet the requirements for web security and NHS information governance standards.

For more information about CCBT Limited please contact CCBT Customer Service at or call 44 (0)121 288 1904.



PCMIS is an evidence-based Patient Case Management Information System pioneered by the University of York’s leading, multidisciplinary Mental Health Research Group. It provides real-time information on patient outcomes, clinical supervision, psychological treatment regimes, clinical staff/patient contact activity and treatment plans. It is designed specifically for the management of high volume mental health caseloads in a stepped-care model. It includes easy-to-interpret patient recovery graphs to quickly identify and alert for patients that are not on track in their treatment regime.  This integrated, evidence-based research system allows services to prioritise and target high risk patients, which reduces dropout rates and improves patient outcomes. This is a significant factor in helping services improve recovery rates, efficiency and reduce overall operating costs. This capability is unique to PCMIS. PCMIS is the only system in use by services across the nation delivering NHS psychological therapies to have such advanced capabilities. It is supported by a dedicated IT team, IAPT and mental health specialists within the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York. PCMIS is used by more than 12,000 healthcare professionals in the UK and Australia. It was chosen by the Department of Health to support the first IAPT Pathfinder sites as part of the first phase of a national rollout across England.

For more information on PCMIS visit:

For more information about PCMIS please contact:

Chris Jones or Andrew Bradley (+44 1904 321322) or email

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