Dec 06

CCBT Ltd Parnters with The British and Irish Trade Alliance

CCBT Ltd is happy to announce a new partnership with The British and Irish Trade Alliance (BITA), a not for profit organization that promotes relationships, business and trade between professionals in the United Kingdom and Ireland. BITA members will receive instant access and a 10% discount on all of our wellness programmes.  This is a great way for BITA members to gain fast access to programmes designed to improve mental and physical well-being.

CCBT Ltd is an international leader in providing evidence-based digital health tools for common issues such as depression, general anxiety, obsessive-compulsiveness, phobia, insomnia, smoking and obesity. Our partnership with BITA is part of our continual mission to expand into the workforce and help working professionals overcome common struggles and improve their overall wellness. BITA helps professionals of all kind, whether established or in transition, form new relationships and grow their business network internationally. We feel our programs, that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere, are uniquely suited for professionals who are often traveling or don’t have the time nor desire to see a therapist in person. CCBT’s programmes are shown to work in sixteen randomised controlled trials, the gold standard of evidence, and are easily accessible through one’s phone, laptop or any compatible tablet.

“The forward thinking BITA clearly shows a strong appetite to embrace a technology to help its members and non members who otherwise might suffer in silence,”  Diane Lannigan, Chief Operating Officer, CCBT Ltd.

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