Jupiter: Patient Software

Jupiter: Our proprietary technology platform Jupiter™ is our latest technological upgrade which allows patients to access all of our programs from tablets, iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices, as well as desktop computers. Now you can work through our programs on any device, giving you the extra flexibility to stay on task.

Jupiter allows you to complete any CCBT Ltd program, record journal and task entries to help your through your program, and even communicate in real-time with your clinician*.

*Clinicians are only available though your mental healthcare provider

Helix: The CCBT Ltd platform, Helix, offers clinicians and service providers the ability to select and implement their own modules on a global eHealth platform. The back office system is designed specifically for a clinician-guided approach and is tailored to National Health Service (NHS) requirements for data collection in the UK.

Helix allows you to quickly add patients and provide them with a suitable program, monitor their progress, export reports, and even communicate with your patients in real-time, all without having to leave your desk. Contact CCBT Ltd for more information on how Helix can expedite your psychology services.

Helix clinician software

Our secure socket layer (SSL) and database encryption technologies have been enhanced to keep up with the ever changing requirements for web security. This latest upgrade has been built specifically with the patient in mind to increase user compliance,  engagement and completion rates on the platform.

Companion apps for MoodCalmer™, Restore™ and FearFighter™ are being developed in the form of separate iPhone and Android apps to help patients engage with our core programs for better compliance and better results.  These companion apps include daily mood checkers, schedules for treatment exercises, techniques for treating anxiety, sleep calculators and the ability to help a patient identify anxiety triggers.

Because of the combination of Jupiter and Helix, we are now able to help many more patients and facilitate clinician care.

For Clinicians

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PCMIS is an Evidence Based Patient Case Management Information System ‘Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians’

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iaptus is the leading patient management software for psychological therapies

With our partners, any clinician or therapist can readily offer CCBT Ltd programs to their patients.