Our Mission

To be an Innovator and World Leader in delivering Evidence-Based Computer-aided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT) over the internet in a cost-effective manner

What is CCBT?

Computer-aided Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CCBT) is a method for delivering CBT via a computer, tablet or phone. Research has shown that CCBT can be as effective as face-to-face therapy and reduces the time needed by clinicians, without losing effectiveness. CCBT provides a solution for many sufferers who prefer its convenience, confidentiality and reduction of stigma.

24/7 Access100%
Reduction in therapist time80%
Financial savings50%

Who is CCBT Ltd?

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CCBT Ltd is the world leader in evidence-based online mental health care. We offer proven solutions for insomnia, anxiety, panic, phobia, depression, addiction, stress and ways to have a healthier lifestyle. Our commitment to bettering the minds and bodies of those suffering from mental distress has allowed us to create programs recognized as “standard care” by the National Health Service.  Our programs, which you can complete in the comfort of your own home or while on the road, have proven effective in 15 randomised controlled trials, all published in top, peer-reviewed journals.

Our program users’ privacy is of utmost importance to us. As our online programs require some personal information to be disclosed, we are certified with the Information Commissioner’s Office ,   which ensures that your personal data remains secure and private.

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What Our Customers Tell Us

``To date I’ve traveled on the underground train without a twinge of anxiety - I still can’t believe it! FearFighter has surpassed all my expectations.``- Mary - Suffered from a phobia of public transport & panic attacks
Dee had not worked for 3 years due to panic attacks when out alone. By the first month of treatment, Dee used public transport, had a full-time job and had been to a crowded concert.- Dee - Suffered from panic attacks, general anxiety, and depression
Bill had feared lifts since 11 years old. ``My fear forced me to work on the lower floors and whenever I had to go to the top I had to use the stairs, walking up 15 stories.`` Within two months Bill asked his boss to transfer him to the 14th floor so he could use the lift every day!- Bill - Suffered from claustrophobia